So, To Everything There Is A Season…

In a struggle of spirit the last few months, the desire to be a published fiction author has faded to nothing. A spiritual path has been taking up my time and attention to the point that any form of writing, any desire to write, has disappeared. I’ve taken my book down from Amazon and after 8 years of trying to get my stories to the attention of readers, none are really flocking to my stories. Either I’m simply out of step with the world of fiction readers, or… no one is at all interested in my story lines. This is not anything for me to cry or bitch about. In fact, it sort of makes it easier for me to pull away and and just let things be.

I’ve been told I have a story to write, but not fiction. As much as I would love to have had a Bromance following, there simply is not an audience for it; which surprises me because the first I knew of others like me was through the Internet. So I know there is an audience, but apparently only for established characters. It seems no one wants to give original characters by Bromance writers a chance. Again, nothing to cry about, just stating the obvious.

So… if ever there is a need for my desire and passion, I’ll step up to the plate again, but for now… I have other things to do then waste my time on stories no one desires to read. That sounds pretty harsh, but it’s the reality, and I have to own it. I have to pursue where my heart is leading me right now.

When writing becomes a chore, something you dread, then it’s no longer a calling. It becomes a job. And frankly, I wanted to have fun. Any desire I had to publish, to market, to advertise, to… whatever… would have been met with excitement and a desire to learn the tools of the trade, but… even that has faded to nothing. I look at it now and there is simply nothing there anymore. It’s gone. Completely. I tried to resuscitate it, practicing a type of denial to what was right in front of me, but… no go. I need to walk away from this.

I may come back in a few years. I may write some non-fiction about my spiritual journey, my fight with cancer, how Led Zeppelin’s music helped me defeat it… who knows? My sister-in-Luv says my story regarding the cancer situation needs to be told. Okay. Maybe. I’ll give it some serious thought. I always thought of myself as a fiction writer, but my strength may just reside in non-fiction, from a first person perspective.

I’ll keep you all posted (If you’re even there.) I’ve taken down the Bromance stuff from this website, because it has no reason to be here anymore. I’ll probably post stuff on my blog located here:

I’ll probably write mostly about my spiritual journey as it exists now. First of all I’m CE-5, Dr. Steven Greer’s movement for people to initiate contact with ETV’s (Extra-Terrestrial Vehicles.) I do believe in ET’s, I do believe they wish to help us. I’ve been studying quite a bit on that, watching David Wilcock’s multiple series on Gaia TV, listening to Michael Tellinger on Gaia, reading the RA material, the Law of One. I’m being drawn to both Hindu teachings as well as Native American. My desire is to study as much as I possibly can and I can’t do that and write fiction novels or stories. Not with a full-time job as well. So…

Onward and upward.  The season of fiction writing has been to put to bed. The season of Spirituality is on the rise.

I have to go where my heart leads. And when it comes to writing fiction, my heart is silent.



And So The Journey Begins…

As I move into the world of Self-Publishing, I am learning how not to be technically challenged. I’m creating my own photoshop banners, learning how to develop a WordPress site, and all in all enjoying myself.

I write Bromance, or what today is termed ‘Bromance’. When I began writing such stories at the age of 12, I merely called them Buddy-stories. I have much to discuss about the subject of brotherly-friendships, so now’s the time to dive in and get moving on something very powerful in my life.

I do not read het romances. I do not read very much female heroine stories, or female/male dominated stories. I crave buddy stories and there’s not very much out there. Some classics, such as ‘Frankenstein’, a few westerns, and sea-faring tales, and then of course we have the Cal Leandros stories. All wonderful things, but compared to what the mainstream bookshelves have to offer, very few and far between when it comes to something those on the Internet seem to be craving–Bromance.

I’m not talking about homo-erotica. My definition of Bromance is a bit different. For me it is soul-bonded connection between men. In today’s world there’s the ‘masculine’ equation thrown into the mix, but from what I’ve witnessed, ‘feelings’ and talking about such things is not taboo, nor should it ever have been stigmatized as taboo. I write my boys the way I’ve seen many act in real-life. When someone tells me, “Real men don’t act like that.” I simply shake my head. I’ve seen real men act just the way I portray them. It may be few and far between, but it’s there… if you’re looking. I’m looking.

The reasons why I’m so passionate about this topic and why I write Bromance is what this journey is all about. I hope you’ll explore this area with me, and don’t be afraid… from my standpoint men caring about men openly and without shame is nothing new to me. I’ve lived with this idea and passion for over forty-seven years, and it started when I was a child. I’ll explain it all soon, but for now I’m just thrilled that I’m able to begin this journey with a new blog, a new website, and a wonderfully exciting vision.

If you or others you know who are into Brother-Friend, Buddy, Broship, or Bromance stories would like to know more, please share my website with them. It’s time to break out on this topic, and I am in no way inhibited about swinging the sledge-hammer. 🙂

And to get us started, a video for the boys of Supernatural by  Strgazr04. Brilliant job!